JSON Search

In addition to using the Google-esque search syntax to find things in your logs, Papertrail can parse a JSON object that appears at the end of a log line. Each line can contain arbitrary string data before the JSON. For example:

2019-12-02 03:04:05 DEBUG {"a":123,"b":456}

JSON Search Syntax


Example matches:

Exact match { "orgId": 1193 }
Substring match { "orgId": 11933962 }

Example matches:

Exact match { "user": {"name": "Pete"} }
Substring match { "user": {"name": "Peter" } }

Exact Match


Example matches:

Exact match { "orgId": 11933962 }


json.cursor.tail:false AND -json.orgId:15884562

Example matches:

Different value for orgId { "orgId": 11933962, "cursor": {"tail": false} }
orgId not present { "cursor": {"tail": false} }