Access control

Papertrail offers the ability to grant members selective access to groups of log senders within the same Papertrail organization, as well as specific permissions for managing users, changing plans, and purging logs.

Where can I access this?

The Members area of the account Settings lists all of the members within the Papertrail organization. From there, any member can be modified or removed.

Which permissions are available?

Here’s what these different member settings mean:

How do permissions interact?

Many permissions are independent. For example, a user can have billing access only with the Change plans and payment option, an alternative to adding individuals to billing emails. There are a few interdependent settings:

How do I modify permissions?

Required permission: “Manage users and permissions”

Click Edit in the upper right next to the member’s email, then make the desired changes:

Can I edit a lot of members at once?

Sure! In the Members area, click Edit All at the top of the page.

Finding a member

For organizations with a lot of members: when looking for a specific person, the list of members can be filtered by typing the member’s email:

If members are filtered, Papertrail will return the focus to the filter input after saving, in an effort to speed up the flow of modifying additional members.

Can I edit my own permissions?

No. Papertrail doesn’t allow changing your own access permissions because it helps prevent edge cases like an account being left without a member who has full access.

That said, it is possible to edit email notification preferences using the Members area (this can also be done from your Profile).

Does this affect multiple organizations?

Learn more about using Papertrail with multiple organizations.

Not at all. The permissions Papertrail offers are specific to a single organization, and each organization is free to choose the workflow that makes the most sense, whether that’s permissions, multiple organizations, or a combination of both.